Advanced Surgical Techniques

Appearance of the male genital is linked with self-esteem and sexual identity. Male genital surgery includes procedure for penis lengthening, penis enlargement surgery and on several occasion girth enhancements which are all available at Dr. Bheem Nanda’s Clinic, Many cultures associate penile length with virility and sexual prowess. it is important to address the underlying mental & physical issues before scheduling a patient for aesthetic genital surgery. Patient understanding of realistic expectations will result in greater satisfaction for the patient and surgeon.Penis enlargement, penis lengthening, penis reconstruction, male genital aesthetic surgery, hidden penis, buried penis, scrotum reduction.

(i) Penile Surgeries-

(ii) Circumcision

(iii) Penile Implants

Why Choose Dr Bheem Nanda for Breast Surgery?

Dr Nanda provides truly integrated clinical care for approachable and malignant breast well as cosmetic breast surgery. Our multidisciplinary program brings together specialists in medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and radiation therapy mammography cytology and re constructive surgery to provide women with the most advanced surgical care in a compassionate environment.