Advanced Surgical Techniques to Treat Breast Conditions

Dr Bheem Nanda offers state of the art diagnostic and treatment techniques, providing our patients with the more advanced breast surgery options. All of  Dr Nanda breast surgeons are fellowship-trained and recognized for clinical excellence, innovative therapeutic methods and skilled use of the latest technology. Our experienced nursing team provides care in a compassionate environment where we want you to feel comfortable asking any questions you may have about your condition or treatment.

Prior to surgery, Dr nanda’s breast surgeons and surgical oncologists use advanced Breast Imaging to detect masses, lesions, cysts and tumors within your breast. Imaging is also used to develop a precise treatment plan for benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous) breast conditions, as well as cosmetic surgeries.

The breast surgery and surgical oncology team at Dr Nanda’s offers a wide range of complex and simple breast surgery techniques, including

The breast surgery and surgical oncology team at Dr Nanda’s offers a wide range of complex and simple breast surgery techniques, including:

  • Breast augmentation —
    Dr Nanda breast surgeons are skilled in performing breast surgery to change the size or shape of the breasts through breast reduction, breast lift, and implant revision surgeries.
  • Breast reconstruction 
    For women who have had a mastectomy or lumpectomy, Loyola’s breast surgeons provide surgical techniques to rebuild the breast after surgery. This surgery can take place at the same time as cancer-removing surgery or at a later time.
  • Cryotherapy 
    your doctor may use extreme cold to freeze and kill cancerous cells in the breast. This technique may also be called cryosurgery.
  • Lumpectomy 
    Removal of a cancerous tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue. This is also called breast-conserving surgery (BCS) or partial mastectomy.
  • Lymph node removal —
    A preventive measure used during a lumpectomy or mastectomy when cancer has spread to the lymph nodes under the arm (axillary lymph nodes).
  • Mastectomy 
    For patients with breast cancer mastectomy may be used to remove all breast tissue. A double mastectomy is the removal of all tissues of both breasts.
  • Perforator flap breast reconstruction —
    Dr Nanda’s breast surgeons offer this newer breast reconstruction technique, in which your surgeon uses fatty tissue from your lower abdomen to rebuild your breast.  Also called tissue flap surgery.
  • Prophylactic mastectomy —
    For patients with a high risk of developing breast cancer due to genetic factors or family history, preventive removal of one or both breasts may be performed.

Why Choose Dr. Bheem Nanda for Breast Surgery?

Dr. Nanda provides truly integrated clinical care for approachable and malignant breast conditions.as well as cosmetic breast surgery. Our multidisciplinary program brings together specialists in Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and radiation therapy mammography cytology and reconstructive surgery to provide women with the most advanced surgical care in a compassionate environment.

Dedicated breast care OR (Operating Room) team will provide highly specialized care.