Advanced Surgical Techniques

The face lift is an extremely rewarding cosmetic surgery procedure that can reverse the effects of aging on the face and neck. Dr. Bheem  Nandauses the latest techniques, which offer smaller incisions, faster healing, and less visible scarring to improve patient satisfaction and results. Liposuction of the neck may also be incorporated to create a more youthful contour in the neck and jowls.

(i) face lift – A rhytidectomy (rit-id-ek-tomy) Is a surgery to remove excess skin and tighten muscles in the neck and lower part of the face. Recovery time is approximately two week

(ii) eyelids surgery -Blepharoplasty (blef-a-roe-plasty) is surgery of the eyelids where fat and excess skin, bags, pouches, wrinkles in the eye area
are removed to make the eyes look less tired. Recovery time is approximately one week.

(iii) Lip Surgery  -The lips are a very important part of facial aesthetics, and demonstrate youth, vitality, and sensuality. Natural aging tends to thin the lips and vertical creases form above and below the lip areas. Thinner lips give an older, harsher appearance and tend to age the face prematurely. Lip fullness and shaping is quite fashionable, and Dr. Bheem Nanda  is an expert in all types of cosmetic lip surgery. Many of his patients would like to restore their lip fullness of youth, while other patients would like fuller lips with a different shape than they once had. Dr.Bheem Nandais on top of current trends in lip aesthetics and performs lip surgery for many patients in the acting and modeling professions.

(iv) Face Scar Surgeries-Cosmetic treatment for removing a Face scar can be administered through various processes.If the marks happen to be on the face, a technique called dermabrasion is considered to be most suitable. This is a process which successfully removes the upper surface layers of the skin with the help of specialised tools. Cosmetic Surgery  are also effective for rectification of skin flaws which include ugly scars, and birth marks.

(v) Forehead Surgery.- Forehead reduction surgery, also referred to as hairline advancement surgery, hairline lowering surgery or foreheadplasty, reduces the size of an elongated forehead by removing a portion of the forehead skin and creating a lower hairline. The distance between the hairline and the eyebrows is effectively reduced. The extent to which the hairline may be advanced depends on variables such as hairline height, scalp laxity and the patient’s preferences.

Typically, the female hairline should begin between 4 and 6cm above the eyebrows, at the transition point between the vertical forehead and where the forehead slopes backwards towards the scalp. Forehead reduction surgery can help patients by bringing the hairline to a more pleasing position, thereby restoring facial harmony.

Forehead plasty holds a variety of benefits:

  1. Shortens the distance between the eyebrows and hairline, restoring proportion and balance to the face
  2. Can be performed in conjunction with a brow lift, which smooths most forehead wrinkles
  3. Overall improved appearance
  4. A more youthful appearance
  5. Reduction of temporal hair loss
  6. The alleviation of wrinkles in the upper forehead
  7. Alteration of the hairline (for example, surgery can eliminate or create a widow’s peak

Why Choose Dr Bheem Nanda for Breast Surgery?

Dr Nanda provides truly integrated clinical care for approachable and malignant breast conditions.as well as cosmetic breast surgery. Our multidisciplinary program brings together specialists in medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and radiation therapy mammography cytology and re constructive surgery to provide women with the most advanced surgical care in a compassionate environment.