Advanced Surgical Techniques

Liposuction, or simply lipois a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from the human body.The surgical suctioning of fat deposits from specific parts of the body, the most common being the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, and knees, chin, upper arms, back, and calves. A hollow instrument called a cannula is inserted under the skin to break up the fat. A high-pressure vacuum is then applied to the cannula to suck out the fat. Body Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic operations in India

Abdomen (Tummy) -The stomach region is one of the most difficult areas of your body to lose weight and tighten muscles. Women who have had children or those who’ve recently lost a large amount of weight often struggle with loose abdominal muscles, stubborn pockets of fat, and excess skin. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure can address all of those concerns at once.

Our plastic surgeon has developed a surgical plan and technique that helps each patient achieve their individual goals for their body shape.

A firm, flat abdomen is a hallmark of a beautiful body contour. A tummy tuck, personalized to your needs, can help you improve your abdominal shape for years to come. Learn more about this life-enhancing procedure from the board-certified cosmetic surgeons of the ABCS. The result means that you regain your stunning figure and can fit into your clothes once more.


Liposuction, or suction lipectomy, is fundamentally a surgical technique for removing fat from the body. In the last several years, significant advances have been made in both equipment and surgical techniques, including breast reduction surgery.Having breasts that are overly large for your frame can be physically painful and a barrier to your participating in activities like running. Breasts that are too large for you may even present an emotional barrier, self-consciousness or embarrassment. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Women of all ages choose breast reduction to gain freedom from the physical and emotional burden of large breasts. Mount Sinai’s team of highly trained and qualified plastic surgeons is expert at enhancing women’s breasts. Through our warm, caring, and supportive approach to patient care, we provide you with an environment to help you feel comfortable discussing very private and sensitive concerns about your body.

Since breast reduction surgery (also known as reduction mammoplasty) involves significant changes to your breasts, your surgeon will help you determine whether it is the right choice for you. At your confidential consultation, we will give you all the information you need to make an educated decision about your procedure.

You may consider breast reduction for many personal reasons including the following positive results:

  • Less neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of heavy breasts
  • Improved self-confidence about breast size
  • Decreased breast size to be in proportion with your body frame
  • Nipples pointing in a more upward position
  • Relief from chafing and skin irritation caused by sagging breast skin
  • Balanced size of breasts


The back can be divided into several areas for liposuction. These areas include infra scapular fat, posterior axillary fat, posterior waist fat, lumbo-sacral fat pad, and buffalo hump. Liposuction of the back can provide enormous visible improvements. However, the procedure is easier on patients who have not lost significant amounts of weight. The back is not the most common area for liposuction, however, it is an existing option for both men and women, although it is usually opted for by female patients. If you choose to have liposuction done on your back, it may be a large or smaller procedure depending on how many areas of the back you want the fat removed.

Buttocks & Thighs

liposuction is not about removing the optimal amount of fat. What is more important is how much fat is left after surgery to make sure that the natural contours of the body are preserved, Meanwhile, removing too much fat not only destroys the natural contours of the body, but also leads to skin irregularities that are hard, if not impossible, to correct completely,Liposuction of hips typically involves the flanks to create a smoother, more natural transition. The idea is to remove the fat rolls, which are also referred to as love handles or muffin top, so the butt area will appear more voluptuous. It is important to note that the amount of removed fat must not only be determined by the patient’s desired post op size. Arguably, a more important consideration is the skin elasticity or its ability to re-drape to the new contour.

For women, fat on the outer thighs is some of the hardest places to lose fat localized fat in these areas is mostly genetic, and cannot be lost through exercise and diet. Liposuction of the outer thigh should also be paired with the buttocks and hips for proportional aesthetics.


When fat resides in the neck, it can give an individual a “double chin” appearance. Dr. Bheem Nanda Best Cosmetic Surgeon offering patients the opportunity to have a slimmer, sleeker neck, accomplished with liposuction. This procedure has the ability to garner excellent improvements to the appearance of the neck and profile. Patients with loose and sagging skin may require a neck lift, while those born with limited bone support may be better candidates for a chin implant or genioplasty. Dr. Bheem Nanda will provide a thorough assessment to determine if neck liposuction will be enough to attain the desired results.

Why Choose Dr Bheem Nanda for Breast Surgery?

Dr Nanda provides truly integrated clinical care for approachable and malignant breast well as cosmetic breast surgery. Our multidisciplinary program brings together specialists in medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, and radiation therapy mammography cytology and re constructive surgery to provide women with the most advanced surgical care in a compassionate environment.